Filmprogramma Between YOU & ME

22-02 t/m 04-04 2020, Koningsplein 11, Tilburg

Het Urban Screen van 5 x 3 meter dat staat voor de dans- en muziekschool het Factorium biedt vanaf april 2010 een geluidloos digitaal platform aan filmmakers en kunstenaars. Elke 6 weken is er een nieuw dynamisch filmprogramma met geselecteerd filmmateriaal. Dat filmmateriaal kan variêren van animatie tot videokunst, van experimenteel tot documentair. De films worden zonder geluid vertoond en dienen dus vooral beeldend te zijn.

Het tweede filmprogramma 2020 met animaties van:
Daniel Baretto - Konnichiwa
Visual Artist based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Check out his works on vimeo, or on the site:

Andrey Kasay - Vacation and Ziber
Originally from the east of Russia but now based in Moscow, the artist refers to his own style as “Far East surreal pop art.” He uses bold lines to draw shapes which he then fills with distinct colors. Shadows and gradients are kept to a minimum, giving the illustrations a look reminiscent of old-school comics.‘The stranger, the better,’ seems to be Andrey’s motto.

Antoni Sendra - MemoriesAntoni Sendra AKA PODENCO
A spanish freelance director specialized in mixed media driven projects.The combination of live action, motion design and animation has led him to develop a very unique style of storytelling and filmmaking. For the past 10 years he has worked in a wide range of fields in the industry of moving images.

Portraits by Art, Communication and Design year 2 (5 students), Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg

Cool3D World - Bicycle
When asked how it would describe its work, Cool 3D World simply says: “An exploration of sound and vision without boundaries.”

Met verder animaties van; Cole Kush, Joe Pease en Alex Goddard.

En een korte dansfilm:
Arjan Gebraad - Palindroom – een retrograde inversie
The word palindrome is derived from the Greek roots palin (πάλιν; "again") and dromos (δρóμος; "way, direction"). We arrive and we leave. What is between us can be read in all sorts of ways but it never really stops. Father, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, end, beginning.

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Between YOU & ME
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